Monday, April 14, 2014

Four Blood Moons - Are They Signs?

Tonight at approximately 2:45 am in the early morning hours EST, the first of four blood moons will appear over the skies of America.  The real significance of these 4 blood moons is that they fall on Jewish feasts in both 2014 & 2015.  They fall exactly on the Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles in both years. This series of 4 is called a Tetrad.  This did not happen in the 1700's or the 1800's, but only in the 1900's. We have had blood moons over the centuries, but never exactly on Jewish feasts until 1948 & 1967. First was in 1948 right when Israel was declared a nation, and then again in 1967 at the time of the 6 day war where Israel defeated her enemies both fast and furiously.  If you have been following my study in the book of Revelation, you know that the number 4 is specifically for this year.  I also have a prophetic word video on how the Lord revealed that to me beginning in December of last year and into the New Year of 2014 that the number 4 was significant.  4 has to do with God's dealing with the earth and His prophetic purpose here. When I received that word from the Lord I was not even aware of the 4 blood moons. The 4 Seraphim around the altar have 4 faces and release the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.  The 4 angels at the corners of the earth hold back the wind for a short season for judgment to fall.  The 4 angels at the river Euphrates are released to gather all the armies of the earth together for Armageddon. The number 4 is very significant with the book of Revelation. Why does the moon turn red? When the moon is fully blocked in this lunar eclipse it picks up the hue that surrounds our planet and reflects it off the moon. Literally what appears around our earth simultaneously is the total of every sunrise and sunset all at once. What are we to look for?  No one really knows.. but we do know that it will be a significant season for the nation of Israel in the next two years.     

                                  AUTHOR MARK BLITZ DISCUSSES BLOOD MOONS

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Do This In Remembrance of Me!

I have just finished watching my annual viewing of  "The Passion" movie by Mel Gibson.  This outstanding movie production always deeply moves me.  I know there are many different movies showing the crucifixion, but Mel Gibson's always ministers to me the most.  I suggest you take the time to view the entire movie.  I never tire reminding myself of the great sacrifice Christ paid for all of our sins.  Paul said that the "cross of Jesus Christ" was the central message.  Probably the most moving scene for me is when Jesus falls under the cross and Mary, His mother, comes to try and comfort Him.  The scene goes back to His childhood when he fell and Mary picked Him up in her arms and helped Him.  But here in this scene she can only listen to His words, "Mother, I make all things new".  When you understand the Father's plan for the ages and how Christ's blood has the redeeming power to not only save us, but to renew all heaven and earth as a "new creation".  No wonder the two themes of heaven's worship is the blood of the Lamb and His creative power in Revelation 4 & 5.  We will be forever celebrating the power of His blood in our new heaven and earth!  Let's celebrate His awesome offering for sin this week in our Passover and Easter season!

                                                FULL MOVIE IN HIGH DEFINITION!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Noah - A New Beginning

Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of man". Jesus definitely tied in His second coming to Noah's time. How?  First, men were simply living and existing daily and not acknowledging Jehovah God as rightful King of their lives. They were "eating, drinking, marrying and making merry".  This was not deep gross sinfulness but simple ignorance of Jehovah God's right to rule over their lives.  Second, was evil that did violate man's divine purpose on earth. "Every thought and intend of their hearts was only evil continually" according to Gen. 6. Man had filled the earth with violence, sexual immorality and breaking the foundational laws of mankind that came with original creation. Third was gross immorality through intercourse of women with angels called "sons of God" in Genesis 6:2. Herein lies the reason God wanted to cleanse the earth of this evil.  Giants, called "Nephilim" were born out of these immoral unions. The natural DNA of man's flesh was being changed into something God never intended. We are going down the same road today.  Toying with God's holy imprint on man's original intent and creation. Ignoring Jesus right to rule over our lives and just living for our own selfish purpose.  The earth will again be cleansed.  This time by fire.  But God has preserved a people for His own name.. the bride for His Son Jesus Christ called the "Church of Jesus Christ".  Jesus said that this cleansing would "Make all things new". This will happen during the great tribulation as man's sins will "pay double" according to the book of Revelation. How can we escape such a judgment?  By allowing Jesus Christ to cleanse your life through His covenant shed blood on the cross.  Noah story is not just an account of cleansing the earth of all evil, but starting again with God's covenant blessing with a "new heaven and earth" wherein dwells His righteousness alone!

                                             Making all things new - restoration

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Firstfruit Offering - Key to Abundance

We are in the season of some of Israel's feasts.  Coming shortly is the Passover season. The Passover pictures the sacrifical lamb slain and the blood placed over the doorposts. It is this feast that pictures the final sacrifice for sins.. Jesus Christ. It also pictures Christ's resurrection as the first of a new kind of resurrected body from the dead. 50 days later follows the Feast of Pentecost or the feast of Firstfruits.  Firstfruit pictures the offering Israel gave to guarantee the final harvest or 2nd harvest.  It was the first of the blessing of that years harvest as a meal offering, burnt offering, drink offerings and was gleaned and given to the priests. The tithe of the 2nd harvest given in a later feast was given to the Levites.  Why is this important? Jesus Christ is called the "High Priest and apostle of our confession" in Hebrews. The apostolic ministry today aligns with the high priestly ministry of the Old Testament. The key for businesses to come into abundance is to align with credible apostolic present ministries that are reaching the world.  A divine protection comes over businesses that align and bring the firstfruit offering. I can already attest to this working in a big way in one business that responded when I challenged them to make a firstfruit offering and they ended up receiving God's enormous blessing.  Find a credible apostolic ministry that you can begin to partner with. Plant firstfruit offerings in that ministry and watch what God can do. The early church laid their money at the apostles feet and every need was met in the entire church including the widows and orphans! It says that no one lacked anything they needed. That says something about God's provision and the way the biblical pattern works. I encourage you to do what Proverbs 3:9 says , "Honor the Lord with the firstfruits of all your wealth".  God will open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing and your vats will overflow with new wine!
                                            Video teaching - The Firstfruit offering

Monday, March 17, 2014

Book of Revelation - Time Line

Having finished the 22 chapter study of the book of Revelation, I will teach one more study on the prophetic time-line of Revelation chapters 1 through 22.  This study will give you the best picture of how the church age and tribulation look from beginning to end.  This is Jesus final "Action Plan" for the end of this age.  This is truly the completion of all things that we now see on planet earth.  Daniel was told to "seal" the book until the time of the end.  John was told to "reveal" the book and unseal it that all may understand at the end of this age.  Then John says, "Blessed is he who reads this book and understands the prophecy and keeps the things written in it."  Why are we so blessed to understand this final revelation of Jesus Christ?  Because it allows us to "make ourselves ready" as the bride for the coming bridegroom.  Jesus will prepare His people called the "bride of Christ" both Jew and Gentile, and we will be tuned in to the Holy Spirit's voice so in Revelation 22 it is both the "Spirit and the bride" saying come Lord Jesus.  I have well called the book of Revelation Jesus "Love Letter to the Church".  Revelation 1 starts out with the declaration, "Him who loved us and gave Himself for us..."  Revelation 2 & 3 explains everything that keeps us from intimacy with Christ's love and the seven churches are to return to "their first love".  Chapter 4 & 5 talks about the throne room which is the source of God's love.  Revelation 6 - 19  talks about the extent Jesus is willing to go through to cleanse this earth of all evil and prepare a place to reign with us and live with His bride.  Babylon, the great harlot is destroyed completely in this section of Revelation.  It is Jesus "Cleansing power of love".  And final Revelation 20 - 22 talks about His eternal purpose of love and the final abiding place of God's throne with man as heaven joins earth and the "New Jerusalem" His city bride unites with the people "Bride" His church for our permanent abode.  God now tabernacles with man for eternity!   Don't miss this final study, you will be blessed to have greater revelation of the end-times.  You can find all the studies on the book of Revelation at our Kingdom Life University online web site.

                                    Book of Revelation - Revealed  Ch. 1 - 22

Friday, March 14, 2014

Revelation 22 - The Last Word

Revelation 22 concludes with the "Spirit and bride" saying the same thing!  Finally the church has become tuned in to the Spirit's voice!  7 times in Revelation 2 & 3 John cries, "He that hath ears to hear let him hear what the Spirit is saying"!  That was at the beginning of the church age and tribulation. The tribulation period will be the greatest time of the bride of Christ "preparing herself" for the bridegroom.  As the world system called "Babylon" collapses, all that distracts us from Christ will be destroyed.  The need to hear the Spirit's voice in this time period will be absolutely essential. Finally the bride has "made herself ready".  Revelation concludes with the beauty of the new heaven and earth joining together as the city "bride" descends to join the people "bride" and they are united forever into one place.  Planet earth will be physically linked with the descended "new Jerusalem" city sent from God.  A river of "Pure water" will flow from the throne of God and fill the earth.  Today about 2.5 of all water on earth is pure!  But then 100% of the earth will be filled with absolutely pure water.  There will be no more sea to separate us from one another.  This river from the throne will support the "tree of life" which will bear fruit each of the 12 months. The leaves will also bring constant healing over and over again to all creation.  The sun and moon will have dissolved at the end of the millennium so the new light will be God's presence.  Can you imagine what kind of earth this will be?  No pollution, no curse, no evil.. only God's peace and love and presence.  We shall reign with Him forever and ever.  Have you ever wondered why there is so great a universe with billions of galaxies?  We will have access to the heavens as our playgrounds for eternity.  Just as Jesus ascended up from their sight in Acts 1:19 "Ye men of Galilee, why standing you gazing into heaven, this same Jesus who is taken up from you will so come in like manner."  Jesus went up physically in a body and so shall we be like Him forever.  Jesus ate with His resurrected body with the disciples and then disappeared out of their sight. This new body will have unusual abilities!  We will be housed in a body just like His resurrected body.  If you are a true born again believer in Christ, you have a lot to look forward to.  But if you do not know Jesus, your name has been now blotted out of the "Book of Life" and you will forever be with Satan and his demons in the final lake of fire.  No wonder John again cries, "Let him that is athirst come and drink of the water of life (Jesus Christ) freely."    You can receive Christ NOW by just inviting Him into your heart and life and asking Him to wash your sins away.  It is that simple.  


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Revelation 21 - All Things New

Heaven and Earth will be Joined in God's glory!
Revelation 21 gives us a beautiful picture of the final creation of heaven and earth!  All of the present creation  experiences entropy. Entropy is defined as "The gradual decline into disorder" and is what the Babylonian system ultimately experiences.  God's last creation will never find disorder or decline.  "Of the increase of His kingdom there is no end". (Isa 9:6-7) God's final creation will continually increase in beauty and form. The "New Jerusalem" is a visual picture of God's final creation.  It descends from above, not ascends from the earth.  It will not be touched by human hands so it has no imperfection.  This city comes from God as His gift to us His bride.  So it comes complete and ready to occupy.  It is His tabernacle from heaven that literally touches earth and this divine connection between heaven and earth is the final answer to Jesus prayer, "Thy kingdom come... on earth as it is in heaven". (Luke 6)  Heaven and earth joined together physically for eternity and God will dwell with man.  This is the second time God tabernacles with us.  First in His own Son Jesus who was the "Fullness of Him" manifest on earth.  Man did not and could not in this time and space dispensation see the fullness of Christ, but rather rejected and crucified Him.  But this second visitation of God's tabernacle with man will be fully received by Christ's redeemed bride of Jews and Gentiles.  In fact, at the end of Revelation the "Spirit and bride say come".  Both the people "Bride of Christ" and the "City Bride of Christ" are linked together. We will welcome this end-time visitation of God's throne to earth and will walk in His presence for eternity.  The kings of the earth will continually bring their glory to this city and throne room.  This confirms the truth that planet earth will be both present and occupied for eternity. God has always intended to have an earth and heaven together demonstrating His forever increasing glory. We will occupy the New Jerusalem as our final home. But will have access to planet earth for growth and development.  Perhaps earth will be closer linked to the New Heavens as well.  Undoubtedly inter planetary travel and networking will be a part.  Dallas Theological Seminary actually did a study on the size of this New Jerusalem and assuming that their will be approximately 20 billion confirmed born again believers at the end, we each will have approximately a 75 acre lot on which to live in our mansion and grounds surrounding it. You can multiply that in families of let's say 4 people living in the same mansion... 300 acres of space!  We have little idea what great things God has for us.  Let's prepare our hearts for the coming Millennium and then the final rewards and blessing coming in the New Heaven and New Earth living in our New Jerusalem city.  To learn more about the entire book of Revelation go to our Kingdom Life University  website for all the 22 videos.  Here is the teaching on this exciting coming city - The New Jerusalem

                                                  This City comes "From God" to us

Saturday, March 1, 2014

WATV Movie Channel

We are excited to announce the opening of our new WATV movie channel!  This will feature some of the best of high definition movies featuring biblical themes.  Our first major feature is the book of John portrayed in beautiful high definition.  This is best viewed by opening up your screen to full picture and wearing headsets while viewing.  I have just watched this major movie and it is very accurate to the biblical text. I was repeatedly stirred to tears to see the powerful portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ on full screen as recorded in the book of John. We will be adding the best of HD movies as we develop our WATV movie channel.  Our Kingdom Life University is also in the process of opening our fourth school of academia.... the School of Media & Production. We have just purchased three 4-k cameras and a full suite of editing tools.  4-k is the standard for large screen as shown in all current movie theaters.  This format has recently become available to Universities and consumers outside of Hollywood. This is literally 10 times the quality of High Definition and will allow us to make movies in the future as well as produce our KLU courses in the highest quality now available. Our production department will also be available to assist ministries and churches in setting up their own production studio to our same standards.  We have been approved by Hewlett Packard to help promote some of their latest hardware tools available for studio building and production.  4-K requires at least 32 to 64 Gigs of ram for rendering videos.  We feel that we should, as best possible, carry a spirit of excellence for the glory of Jesus Christ and His kingdom when it comes to video production and the arts and science of movie making.  You can enjoy the list of chosen movies now available.  Remember you can drop down the "Playlist" in the upper left and corner for the list of movies.  

                                              WATV MOVIE CHANNEL CLICK HERE

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Millennium - The Coming Golden Age (Revelation 20)

Man Will Restore Planet Earth To Its original Greatness!
Man has forever dreamed of a golden age on earth.  It is coming!  After the tribulation which literally destroys the infrastructure of earth's cities and nations, Jesus Christ returns with His bride of both Jews and Gentiles to establish this "Golden Age" of His reign and glory.  Satan has been now cast into his 1,000 year prison, the curse is lifted off this earth and those that survived the tribulation and did not take the mark of the beast 666, restore planet earth to its greatness along with the reigning bride of Christ. With no war, sickness, suffering and extended growing seasons because of the presence of Jesus on earth, mankind will have an opportunity to bring this planet to its original intent of the garden of Eden.  Jesus Christ shall reign from Jerusalem with a rod of iron.  But His reign is pure love!  Justice will be executed immediately and rebellion will not be allowed. Peace shall reign and mankind will worship together the true King of kings and Lord of lords. The lion will lay with the lamb!  Nature will be quiet and orderly.  Many will live again to long life and perhaps natural men will live to be 900 years old as in the days of Noah before the flood. The glory of God on earth will increase during this 1000 years and this golden age will be the fruit of the righteousness of Christ as the garment of all who have received Jesus as savior. The beauty of God's golden city Jerusalem shall shine as the sun as Jesus literally reigns from His throne there.  Men will be able to travel to Jerusalem and experience His literal presence on earth again.  Unfortunately children born of natural mothers and fathers during this age have not been tested for their faith.  So Satan will be loosed for a short season to see where their heart lies.  The unbelieving children will form an army to take over Jerusalem and follow Satan and rise against the Lamb of God. They shall quickly be cut down.  Then the final "great white throne judgement" happens where all who have died from the beginning earth's time shall stand before Jesus Christ and the books will be opened.  First the book of life.  If their names are not written there, they stand in eternal judgment of the lake of fire forever.  Then the books of their deeds will be opened and every man will be judged out of the books which have recorded every evil deed done their entire lifetime.  No man will be able to point a finger at Jesus and blame Him for their coming eternal judgment.  Each man will realize it was his or her own sins that condemn them.  The greatest sin of all has been their rejection of the finished work of Christ and not receiving, by faith, His completed justification through His blood.  They will then be cast into the lake of fire prepared for Satan and his demons and forever dwell there in separation from the love and grace of God.  If you have not received Jesus Christ as savior, I implore you to do so today.  Just pray, "Father I know you love me and have a plan for my life.  You sent your Son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty of my sins and wash them away by His blood.  I receive Him now as my Lord and Savior. Come into my life now Jesus and wash me clean.  I make you the Lord of my life".  Amen!  
                                    Watch the study of Revelation 20 that describes it all!                                                       

Sunday, February 23, 2014


It has long been my dream to have a full-time online internet TV network with a 24/7 worship channel.  Now we have have it at our WATV WORSHIP TV channel in high definition.  We feature worship from some of the top churches like Bethel, Gateway, Hillsong and others.  Just turn on the channel and listen 24/7 to his great line-up of the best of the best.   Such good quality, you can play it on your regular television set through your computer or mobile device.  The power of praise and worship in your home will transform the atmosphere!   I have seen marriages and families changed and even behavior changes come through the presence of the Lord in high praise.  Why is worship so powerful?  First, it releases heaven on earth. Heaven is a place of consummate worship and praise.  In the book of Revelation you constantly see the 24 elders and the four living creatures fall down and worship the Lamb.  Then heaven is joined by the 144,000 witnesses of the tribulation who have just experience the greatest time of harvest ever seen in the world.  They too celebrate the shed blood of the Lamb and His creative power on earth.  If that is not enough, the bride of Christ joins heavens praise for their great worship of the Lamb slain for them from the foundation of the world.  Finally the converted nation Israel joins the bride of Christ and together the Lamb is praised!    Second it tunes earth to heaven. So many times I have seen prophetic words come out of times of high praise.  It just flows and the gifts of prophecy are released on earth because we have tuned in to heaven.  Paul said, "Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your hearts to the Lord."  (Ephesians) Thus you move in the Spirit of God and receive from the throne of God.  How powerful is it to tune in the heaven from earth?  Life changing.. that's how powerful.  Third, it is warfare.  We are in a battle and it can only be won by the grace of God.  Creating an atmosphere where warring angels dwell, where the Holy Spirit is present, where the word of God is being sung in spiritual songs... WOW!  What more can i say?  Tune in to our wonderful worship TV channel and see for yourself.  

                                                               WORSHIP TV