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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

His Power... Your Power... Amazing - Ephesians 1

How would you like to be over all principalities, powers and rulers of this world? Men of power have been striving to take their kingdoms and empires world-wide and to conquer all other kings. Men like the Ceasars, Nepoleon, Hitler and the ancient empires of the Romans, Greeks and Medo Persians. Empires rise and fall.  But there is one kingdom that shall last forever. "Of the increase of His (Jesus Christ) kingdom and His government there shall be no end." ( Isaiah 9:6) We often don't view the Kingdom of God as a government.  We think it is some kind of invisible kingdom of the heart and will never manifest outward in the natural world.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  God's kingdom and government has always been expressed with natural order on earth.  In the Old Testament God was king of Israel and the prophets, like Samuel, were His earthly spokesmen.  Then Israel wanted an earthly king and Saul became that king.  David completed the restoration of Israel's earthly kingdom after Saul in disobedience lost both territory and earthly authority.  Jesus then came as a descendant of David which gave Him earthly rights of inheritance.  But Jesus went beyond any earthly king and established His right to rule not only the natural realm but the spiritual.  He defeated Satan and took possession of even the keys to hell.  We know that because in the book of Revelation, Satan has to go to Jesus to get the keys to hell itself to release the scorpion demons that will torture men. Jesus, after His resurrection then announced that "All power has now been given unto Me in heaven and earth."  ( Matthew 28:18) Satan today is simple operating by permission.  Satan had admitted at the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness that this power had "been given unto him".  Now comes the big story!  Through our identification with Christ, we have been seated in heavenly places!  All that Christ has is now ours because He chose to give us His kingdom.  No place in Scripture is clearer than Ephesians chapter 1.  All things were given to Jesus because He fulfilled all righteousness and then He "gave all things over to the church, His body" Ephesians 1   How is Jesus authority expressed in this church age?  Clearly through the 5 - fold ministries.  These, by Jesus own words are the "Headship Ministries" of Christ today.  Apostles (first), prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.  Satan has tried to discredit especially the office of apostles and prophets with much of the evangelical church. This is greatly unfortunate, because it diminishes the authority and power on earth of Christ's present ruler  ship.  We will find later in our study of Ephesians chapter 4, that these 5-fold ministries bring the body of Christ to full maturity and preparation for the return and earthly reign of Christ which we call His "Second Coming". Much of the church is in deception, as Paul said it would be, about the purpose of Christ's return. Many see it as an escape off this earth and all it's troubles.  God's word teaches it is not an escape, but an establishment of Christ's rule over planet earth.  If you want more information, please go to my studies on the book of Revelation.  Please take a few minutes and listen through the first chapter of Ephesians to see who Christ is and who you are "in Him".

"His Blessings become our Blessings"

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Love Obama - Romans 13 Christians & Government

Are we getting it all wrong?
I know the popular trend is to bash our president.  I realize that he is just a man and will make many good and bad decisions.  But I really have a difficult time with the general attitude toward our national leaders by conservatives and many in the Christian community. What does the the bible say? Romans 13 is about as clear a passage on our attitude toward government as you can get.  Those that oppose and resist God's appointed leaders, for that is what He calls them, will come under the judgment of God. Romans 13:1 - 2 "Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves."  Romans actually says those who resist will experience God's wrath! WOW!  Have we been getting this all wrong. I know there will be many of you that disagree at this point because you feel it is your responsibility to criticize, put down and degrade our president.  Do I agree with president Obama on all his decisions?  Absolutely not! But I respect his God given appointment.  David chose not to criticize King Saul, even though he had many legitimate arguments against this king.  He said, "I will not touch the Lord's anointed."  Is the church largely experiencing lack of power today in other areas of blessing and authority because we simply don't follow a command as clear as the nose our face? I am not saying that all Christians bash our president, but many do. Let's repent!  Remember Paul was writing this book of Romans under much worse government than we have in the USA.  How about Nero running our government?  Also Paul said we should willingly pay taxes because it is the responsibility to do so for any nation.  I know this post will be as popular as an alligator in your back yard, but truth is truth.  How can you argue Romans 13?  Now if the government says we must deny our faith, we are subject to a higher power... God's kingdom!  But remember that when you go to the higher power of God's purpose you will suffer the wrath of that human government.  You may be be flogged, imprisoned or even executed.  Let's thank God for a government like America that provides us such freedom to worship Him openly!  Protect it we must and respect we must! Let's pray for those in authority. Let's love them with Christ's love!  Paul gives 4 arguments in Romans 13 why we should be subject to governmental powers.  
  1. For wrath's sake - (that is the wrath of God against those who resist)
  2. For conscience sake
  3. For love's sake
  4. For the savior's sake
You can hear these taught in the video below.  Please check it out...your future blessing may depend on it!  
                                                         Christians and Goverment
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Thursday, July 31, 2014

5-fold Church Governing Gifts of Jesus

The gifts of the Spirit that came directly from the hand of Jesus Christ are called the "Headship Ministries" or 5-fold gifts of Ephesians chapter 4:11.  "He gave some  to be as apostles, some prophets, some evangelists and some pastors & teachers."  Why?  To govern His church with authority and love.  Why has Satan discredited some of these gifts for today.... particularly the gifts of apostle and prophets? Because Satan is trying to remove the authority Jesus gives on earth to execute His kingdom in this age.  The gift of the apostle was the first discredited through church history, and will be the last to be restored before the coming of the Lord.  Where the apostolic gift has not been discredited, it has be distorted!  Self appointed ministers running around calling themselves apostles who are not "called to be an apostle" as Paul stated. Paul said even in his day some "false apostles" had come in among the sheep. So we are not surprised.  True apostles will always be recognized in their office before appointed by contemporaries who understand the true gift.  They are literally functioning apostles before they allow themselves to be called as such.  Apostle's do foundation work of planting churches, reaching unreached territory that has never heard the gospel,, and establishing God's work with the authority that comes directly from Christ. They carry "signs and wonders" as confirmation from Jesus Christ Himself. They change atmosphere's over cities as Paul and Silas did in Philippi. They may land in jail but usually don't stay long, both leading the jailers to Christ and starting a church. Why do I teach on apostolic alignment?  Because it is vital in this day for accomplishing true kingdom work in your city. Find an apostle and attach!  Build a close relationship with an apostle to which God has called you or to which you choose to walk. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is both for your protection, direction and anointing.  Prophets follow along with apostles.  They are spiritual :"seers".  They discern what God is saying "now" to the church.   7 times in Revelation, picturing the end-time church, God says "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church." This is by far the most important call of the church today... knowing God's "now" word for the church, the city, the nation and the world. This is possibly one of the most important teaching I do today.  Please listen to his video teaching and make your comments below.  
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Jesus Gave These Gifts directly to the church

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Israel - Her Future Destiny!

Operation "Protective Edge" of 2014
You will recall that I mentioned something significant would happen in Israel in 2014 -2015 around the 4 blood moons.  Also I mentioned through my prophecy I gave in December of 2013, that the number 4 is significant for 2014.  It has begun!  Hamas has activated conflict by firing over 2,000 rockets toward Israel.  Yet the world media is showing the death of civilians in the Gaza strip and among the Palestinians. Israel would likely have the same number of deaths if she didn't have the "Iron Dome" protection of interceptor rockets shooting down the incoming rockets of Hamas. The Hamas purposefully places these rocket launchers around hospitals and mosques and in key places to create civilian deaths.  This is all part of a propaganda campaign to create anger and animosity toward Israel for simply defending herself.  Wouldn't America aggressively respond if 2/3rd of American cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco and other major cities were being rocketed daily?  As I was praying for Israel tonight I felt I should write this post.  A new alignment is forming both for and against Israel.  Praise God that America, and especially the Christian community, is responding in support of Israel. Remember that something significant is going to happen in Israel around the 4 blood moons both this year and next.  This is not the first time this kind of conflict has occurred between Israel and her neighbors. It happened in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012 and now in operation "Protective Edge" in 2014.  Now, however, more sophisticated rockets are being deployed, mainly from Iran's supply to Hamas. Why is this round of conflicts significant?  It is polarizing radical Islam against both Israel and the United States. Things are building toward a greater escalation of events in preparation for the antichrist.  We live in an age of greater social communication skills among our enemies. Propaganda levels are rising among radicals. This conflict may close within days, but it also may grow into something significant very shortly.  Perhaps America will finally take her stand aggressively against Iran's supply of these rockets to Hamas. America and Israel must not let Iran continue her development of atomic weapons. Could we be on the edge of a much larger conflict?  Could this be a part of a great awakening spiritually for Israel as she joins together with the Christian community which now seems to be Israel's biggest ally?  Here is my study on Romans 11, the chapter Paul the apostle wrote almost 2,000 years ago concerning Israel's spiritual awakening at the end of this age.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Freedom - our declaration of Independence - Romans 8

Jesus loved us enough to die for us, the Holy Spirit loves us enough to live in us!  Through the Holy Spirit we now have our freedom from our flesh and the law.  We are free!  Romans 8 is our declaration of freedom, "There is therefore, now no condemnation to those who walk in the Spirit.." (Rom. 8)  We are no longer obligated to the flesh, we are no longer condemned by the law.  A new principle has taken over our lives, it is called the "law of the Spirit of liberty in Christ Jesus who has overcome the law of sin and death".  Once we know that our flesh has been crucified (identification) and the law has been satisfied (by the obedience of Christ), we are free!  Now we are clothed in His righteousness alone and we walk by faith in the Spirit daily yielding to the Holy Spirit's control.  Little wonder the apostle Paul declared in Romans 8, "Who can separate us from the Love of Christ." His logical argument is, "If Christ already died for us, shall the Father, through Christ also not provide us freely all things?" Since the flesh is to weak to overcome itself, one greater has sat down at the right hand of the Father and we say, "I am more than a conqueror through Him who loved me and gave Himself for me."  Now we have confidence, not condemnation.  Now Satan cannot accuse us any longer. He has been defeated by the blood of the Lamb and our word of testimony.. "Satan you are a looser and have lost your power over me". Make your declaration of independence this day. "We the people of the kingdom of God, in order to form a more perfect union with Christ and each other, herein declare this day that the blood of Jesus Christ has united us under the King of kings and with His own blood he has formed this union. As one body we bow to His rightful authority which he holds through original creation and redemption. Because of this one Man's obedience to fulfill the law by His life, death and resurrection has provided us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We declare therefore, that we are no longer under the tyranny of the flesh and law of bondage."    We are now free!

                                             Romans 8 - Great chapter of our Liberty!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Romans 6 - Living the Resurrection Life

Overcoming the flesh is possibly the biggest issue of our Christian life.  One person has said, "You can be victorious today, but give the flesh one nights rest and it is ready to take over in the morning"!  How true.  Paul the apostle dealt with this issue in Romans 6.  He actually gives us the solution!  Now that's significant.  The key according to Paul is something he calls identification with Christ.  That is done by faith not works.  Do you know there is nothing you can do to overcome the flesh!  It is already done!  But we must identify with it by faith. Everything that really works in the Christian life is done by faith!  Christ fulfilled all righteousness for us and for us to add to it insults His work. So what is our part?  We must believe we are crucified with Him, buried with Him, risen with Him, seated with Him and now reigning with Him!  Too simple. Maybe that's why it isn't working for you.  Name one New Year resolution that really stuck?  We stumble over the simplicity of Christ. We take classes on how to overcome, we make resolutions, commitments and try the best we can in the flesh. In fact we have been working on some sins for years without good results of overcoming.  Paul says, "How can we that are dead to sin live any longer in it?"  Paul takes us through three steps of faith.  First to KNOW about this truth.  Second is to RECON it for yourself and third is to YIELD yourselves to God's Spirit as having done the first two.  The key then is focusing on the person of Christ. Stop focusing on the sin... it will only get worse!  Paul says to Timothy, "meditate on these things, give yourself wholly to them, that you profiting may appear unto all.  For in doing this you will both save yourself and them that hear you." Paul says that Romans 6 is about SANCTIFICATION not salvation.  He already has dealt with all the doctrines of salvation in Romans 1 - 5.  Sanctification is Christ's IMPARTED righteousness given to us to make us holy. Wow does that sound too deep?  Imparted simply means Christ gives us HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS to us and we receive it daily by faith.  We literally cloth ourselves daily in His righteousness... again it's to KNOW, RECON & YEILD to the power of the Holy Spirit by faith to perform His word in us.  It's that simple!  

Paul says, "Clothed in His righteousness alone".  The Pharisee big mistake was trying to establish their own righteousness.  Most religious people today are still doing the same thing
and wondering why their Christian life is so shallow.  The three greatest words in the New Testament are when Christ said, "It is finished".  Take less than  30 minutes to watch this could change your life!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Book of Romans - Foundation of Faith

The Book of Romans has affected more great Christian leaders than any book of the bible. The simple phrase, "The just shall live by faith" changed the hearts of men like Saint Augustine. John Wesley was saved listening to the reading of Luther's commentary on Romans.  Martin Luther formed the reformation around the book of Romans. This book creates a foundation of faith based on true doctrines like righteousness,  justification, propitiation, redemption, identification, adoption, election and sanctification.  Unless you understand these doctrines, you cannot understand who you are in Christ nor understand what Christ has done for you.  
   Reformer John Calvin wrote that "If a man understands Romans he has a sure road open to him to the understanding of the whole Scripture." Gleason Archer concurs, saying, "There is no more complete compendium of the Christian doctrine in the sixty-six books of the Bible than the Epistle to the Romans." Likewise, Dr. Lloyd-Jones called it "a colossal and incomparable statement of Christian truth."  
   Paul outlined his own writings when he wrote II Timothy 3:16  "All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine (Romans), for reproof (I & II Corinthians) for correction (Galations) and for instruction in righteousness (Philippians, Ephesians & Colossians).  Romans is the beginning of understanding the new testament.  I challenge you to take the time and effort to renew your understanding of this great salvation that has appeared to all men and by which we are saved. It will bring a new appreciation of the person of Jesus Christ and His absolute provision for us.  Romans answers the sin question entirely.  It answers the question of how we overcome the flesh entirely. It makes clear and concise statements about homosexuality and lesbianism.  It answers the questions of Israel and the church and the final restoration of Israel in the end of this age.  It answers the questions of how we should operate under our government, oppressive or not.  Romans will unlock the keys to the "mind of Christ" that we should have toward ourselves and our world. It will clearly affect your World-View.  It has the power to bring another reformation!

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

50 Year Celebration - Thank you Lord!

1964 Launching my ministry
Today is my 50th year celebration of ministry.  On June 14th fresh out of Bob Jones University I traveled to Loveland, Colorado and Faith Baptist Church hired me as their associate pastor. We moved into the basement apartment of one of the church families and began the long journey of ministry that leads to my celebration tonight at 6:00 pm in our new office building here in Tampa, Florida.  You might watch the video below to catch a bit of the journey. 

 What have I learned in 50 years?

1. Integrity is longevity.  To have anything that lasts it must be centered in integrity...everything else fads away.  The things that have lasted in my life have only been those centered in integrity.

2. Life has seasons.  I recall the many season I have gone through and, believe me, each season comes to a close.  Their have been seasons of wonderful blessings, incredible lack and struggle, great disappointment, great growth and wonder, powerful revelation and astounding miracles.  But the sustaining force was the faithfulness of God.  His loving kindness and goodness has overcome any setbacks, betrayals, failures and lack on my part.. David explained it this way....overall  "My lines have fallen in pleasant places".  It has been exciting and no question the greatest adventure in life discovering the secrets of the "Kingdom of God" with it's new authority and also receiving a greater revelation of my standing as a "King and Priest" unto my God!  

3. In my flesh dwells no good thing.  I know this is against popular religious thought, but at the risk of being non-religious, I have discovered that the total "Righteousness of Christ" is sufficient for everything I need in life and godliness.  I have learned, especially later in life, that a passionate love affair with Jesus Christ and being obsessed and addicted to Jesus is the only thing that really satisfies my spirit, soul and body.  I have found that in Jesus Christ all the "fullness of God dwells".  And that "I am complete in Him".  The book Colossians has remained my favorite book of the bible.  I discovered it at Jr. High School camp well over 50 years algo and it never left me. I was taught inductive bible study and outlining and that also became the standard my entire life study of the word. 


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

True Gospel - False Gospel

They tell me that if you work at a bank and handle a lot of money, you can immediately tell when a bill is fake by it's touch.  You know the fake by knowing the real.  Paul said, "I know nothing among you but Jesus Christ and Him crucified."  Paul later defined the gospel in  I Corinthians 15:3 "For I delivered unto you that which I also received, that Christ died for you according to the scripture, that He was buried, and that He rose again according to the scriptures".  This is the gospel also "by which you are saved"  (verse 2).  Satan is a deceiver and an anti-Christ.  His demons dwell primarily in religion.  They don't deny that there is a gospel, but bring "another gospel" Jesus warned, "Many will come in my name saying I am christ, and deceive many".  How important is this?
1. The wrong gospel produces the wrong faith.  "Neither is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name given among men by which we are saved."  Faith does not save you, but the object of your faith.  "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith." (Hebrews)
2. What then is the right gospel?  Paul said this gospel he received was not from man, neither did he receive it from man.  It came by revelation of Jesus Christ Himself.  Paul was separated unto Christ in the desert and Jesus clearly gave Him the "True Gospel". It came as a mystery, i.e. a formerly hidden truth that was now revealed. It was the apostolic doctrine upon which the true church was built.  "They continued in the apostles doctrine..from house to house and the Lord added daily to the church.."  (Acts 2:42)  The apostles doctrine was the revealed truth that the early apostles all agreed upon.  Their message was all the same.. Jesus Christ and Him crucified!

What are some of the "other gospels" preached today?
- The gospel of self achievement and self exaltation.  The better self image you have, the better life you will have. You hear this gospel even on Christian television and radio. Emotional lectures on how to improve yourself, look inside of yourself and you will see greatness.  
- The gospel of good works.  You can do it!  You can make something of your life by self effort and hard work. This is a performance based gospel.  
- The gospel of great ideas and man's philosophy.  Searching out the great thoughts of history's greatest leaders and thinkers.  These guides will take you to the level of greatness you desire.
- The Christless gospel.  Preaching that never brings the person of Christ into the central message. The preacher can talk about God in wide general terms.  These messages sound poetic and tickle the ears of the listeners, but never deal with the message of Christ's death, burial and resurrection.  They never deal with the real issue of man's sin and need of a savior.
- The false christ gospel.  Just because Jesus name is used in the church documents and tenets, does not mean it is the Christ of the true scriptures.  This again becomes the most deceitful of all false gospels.  How do we know the difference?  "All scripture is given by inspiration and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof and for correction in righteousness."  You must be committed to search the scriptures for in them you have eternal life.  Through diligent study and passion to know Christ, His revelation will come through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Your life (eternal) depends on it!

We could go on and on and see how Satan has deceived even the church. What then is the solution?  Go back to the word of God and see what God really says.  It says the simplicity of Christ is the only answer.  It is all about Jesus Christ, His death, burial and resurrection.  It is about the fact that "in our flesh dwells NO good thing".  What about "No Good" do we not understand?  It just does not seem to connect with our pride and self achievement. It takes true revelation of the Holy Spirit to convict and convince us that we absolutely need Jesus Christ and HIM ALONE and His complete righteousness to have right standing with the Father God. There is no second choice.. only Christ.  

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Baptism of Holy Spirit & Fire - Pentecost

John the baptist said, "I baptize you unto repentance, but there comes one after me who shall baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire".  That was Jesus Christ.  It is the promise He gave His disciples when He told them to go and wait in the upper room until they were "endued" with power and the Holy Spirit came "upon" them. This would manifest with "tongues" or in this case languages of all the different dialects of Jews that had come to Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost.  They all heard the gospel "in their own language".  It was a day that birthed the church with power to witness, first in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and then the uttermost parts of the world.  Do we need this baptism today?  The answer is simply... do you need power?  Yes, this baptism is for today and releases a fire in your life to declare God's word and demonstrate the "gifts of the Holy Spirit".  There are two actions of the Holy Spirit in the life of the New Testament believer.  First the "indwelling" Holy Spirit that comes at your salvation when you are baptized into the body of Christ. Ephesians calls this the seal of the Holy Spirit. Second is the "upon" Holy Spirit that empowers you when you receive the "baptism of fire". Jesus never needed to received the indwelling Holy Spirit because He was born (conceived) of the Holy Spirit in the womb of Mary. But, as a man, Jesus needed the "upon" Holy Spirit to minister with power and received it at His physical baptism with John at the river Jordan. The Holy Spirit came upon Him and remained upon Him His entire ministry. If you want to minister with the same power that Christ had, you absolutely need that same baptism Jesus had. God's word says, "if the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwell in you."  Jesus said, "the works that I do you shall do also and greater works than these shall you do because I go to my Father".  (John 14:12) These greater works started at Pentecost.  They were not greater in substance but greater in scope.  The early church took the gospel to the known world following Pentecost.  Interesting to note that at Pentecost the day first was filled with power. Then the room was filled with power and finally the people were all filled with power and tongues of fire rested on each of them. The last thing that was filled was the people!  Get in an atmosphere of the fire and power of God to receive.  Find a group of people that agree that this "baptism of fire" is for today and receive it by faith,  just like you received your salvation.  Believe and receive has always been God's way.  Simply say, "Father, I know your power is for me today and through the promise of your Son, Jesus Christ, I receive this baptism of fire NOW".  Let you mouth become the tool of God to speak and sing praises to God. Let your tongue be released to speak to the glory of God.  To learn more, please listen to my teaching below on "Baptism of Fire".