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Friday, December 19, 2014

Wise Men Still Seek Him

If you seek Him, you will find Him.  Have you found God?  What was your star that led you to Him?  My star was over 60 years ago in a revival in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Two owners of a shoe store in Wisconsin came all the way to our farm community and held a revival in our little Congregational church. They were simple businessmen who owned a shoe store, Bill and Phil Miller knew God. I remember the night Christ found me.  It was a warm summer night, but I stood shaking under the power of the Holy Spirit.  God had put his finger on my little heart and said, "Jerry, tonight is your night".  When the altar call was given I still stood in my place.  I man standing behind me saw the conviction I was under and tapped my on my shoulder and said, "Young man, God is dealing with you.  I will go with you to the front." He took me to my place of encounter with the almighty.  I was gloriously saved, changed and made anew that night. If you still have not found God, Jesus is the way, confession is the means, and the power of God's Spirit will open your eyes.  This Christmas is God's time for you.  His gift of Jesus Christ, His Son, is the greatest of all.  Just say, "Father, I know you love me.  I have drifted far from you and I want to come home.  Please forgive me of my sins, and Jesus come into my life.  I make you my Lord and Savior."  It's that simple!  For more information about your steps to salvation please go to my page PEACE WITH GOD.  This video will encourage you in this Christmas season.



Sunday, December 7, 2014

Releasing God's Kingdom on Earth

I was sitting in my living room talking on the phone a few days ago and while I was talking a large, I mean large picture fell off the wall and hit the carpet with a loud bang. The vibration of my voice evidently touched a frequency on the wall that unloosed the nails (Two) holding that picture. I still am a bit amazed by the power of words and vibrations and frequencies.   All the universe is held together by the word of Jesus Christ. "By Him were all things made in heaven and earth, and He (Christ) is before all things, and by Him (Christ) all things are held together."  Colossians 1:17  The Greek word is contained. Spoken words are powerful because they carry the frequency of creation.  "The power of Life and death is in your tongue". How then do we release God's kingdom on earth? Through declarations.  I received this revelation years ago.  What I speak comes into existence.  In the beginning even though the earth was created, there was still darkness upon the face of the deep.  The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters of the earth.. but still darkness!  But then Genesis says, "Then God said, 'Let there be light, and there was light'".  It took the Spirit and the spoken WORD to create light.  Your words create an atmosphere all around you.  They can be filled with life and light or darkness and death.  But when your words line up with the word of God and the Spirit of God is upon you, life and light manifest all around you! Healing manifest, deliverance manifests, freedom manifest in Christ, the kingdom of God manifests on earth. God's kingdom from heaven is released on earth through your declarations! You can speak life into your marriage, your children, your home.  You can speak life to buildings, plants and even the earth. The current location of our Kingdom Life University came about because 7 years ago our ministry team walked around that building and declared it was going to be used by us for the kingdom.  I will share that story another time, but it is exciting. I feel I am living naturally...supernatural!  Things are always happening around me that I cannot explain in the natural.  God is doing them in another dimension. It is the realm of heaven, the realm beyond our natural mind, the realm of God's presence, the realm of His dwelling.  But I see people around me that are not experiencing this.  "Satan has blinded the eyes of them that believe not, lest the glorious gospel, which is the image of Christ, should shine on them."  II Corinthians 4:4  You don't have to be in darkness to this truth.  I ask God to open your spiritual eyes to see all the good God has for you and you can embrace God's Son, Jesus Christ, as your life.  His entrance and presence in you will overwhelm you with love and peace and joy. Make this your declaration now, "Jesus I receive You in my life as my Lord and Savior.  Forgive me of my sins, fill me with your presence, make your life, my life now... in Jesus name I pray"!

                                             Teaching...your declarations create life

Friday, December 5, 2014

Parable of the Cell Phone

I absolutely must tell the story of what happened to me yesterday!  I call it the parable of my Cell Phone!  After loading my car in the morning I had placed my HTC (expensive) smart phone on the top drivers side of my car.  Unfortunately I forgot it was there after loading my trunk with some ministry materials.  I started down one of the busiest roads, highway 54 four lane. Going 55 mph I heard this thump and thought I had hit something on the road.  What I didn't know is my phone had flown off the top of my car, hit my trunk and made a thump and crashed onto the highway.  I continued several miles down the road and turned on the Veteran's toll road for about 5 miles.  I decided I wanted to make a call and looked for my phone.  Then I realized it was my phone flying off my car that had made the thumping noise hitting the top of my trunk.  I decided to go back and look for my poor phone, which probably by now was crushed into the payment by all the traffic.  As I was going back past the general area in the opposite direction (about a mile) of where I thought my phone might be, I saw a black spot across from the other side of the four lane.  So I went down and turned around to pick up the pieces hoping to save the memory card and all my phone numbers.  I drove back about 1/2 mile the direction that I had been going when I heard the thump.  The black spot on the road was only a small piece of Garbage bag that had been crushed into the pavement.  Disappointed, I was getting back in my car and walked around the back of my car and laying there in the weeds was my cell phone!  The black bag on the road had exactly marked the very spot where my phone had landed in the gutter in the weeds.  I picked it up and MIRACLE OF ALL MIRACLES it was working!  I called the phone company to see my options because my screen was broken all across from top to bottom.  The lady at the cell phone company said, "Mr. Brandt, did you know the when you bought the premium HTC cell phone they will cover one free screen replacement the first 6 months".  I asked her when I had purchased the phone and she said, "6 months ago today!"  Do you believe in divine providence! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Prayer - Kingdom Come!

Jesus was asked by the disciples, "Lord, teach us to pray."  Jesus began teaching by praying!  This is called the "kingdom prayer" or traditionally the "Lord's Prayer" as it was prayed by the King Himself for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth.  I love teaching on this awesome prayer.  Let's take a minute during this thanksgiving season and take the sections of this prayer for us today.  Thanks be to our God for all His blessings, provisions and love during this season.

1. Our Highest Relationship.  "Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name".  What are some of His names?  Jehovah Jireh "God will provide", Jehovah Rapha "God who heals", Jehovah Nissi "God my Banner", Jehovah Mekoddishkem "God who Sanctifies", Jehovah Shalom "God my peace", Jehovah Saboth "God of Hosts" and Jehovah Raah "God my shepherd".       Wow!  These are just a few of His names.....
2. Our Highest Expectation. "Thy Kingdom come,"
3. Our Highest Purpose.       "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven"
4. Our Highest Provision.     "Give us this day our daily bread"
5. Our Highest Power.          "Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who have 
                                                 sinned against us"
6. Our Highest Protection.   "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil"
7. Our Highest Declaration. "For Thine is the kingdom, the power and 
                                                 the glory forever and ever."

God gave me an original music background for the "Lord's Prayer" years ago, back in the 80's in fact.  This is the piano and guitar rendition of this wonderful prayer.  Please watch this short music video of the "Lord's Prayer" and declare your thanks during this season!


Monday, November 24, 2014

Power of a Kingdom Business - Birthing the Kingdom

What is a Kingdom Business?  The kingdom of God is where ever Jesus rules without resistance. It is the authority released from heaven to earth to accomplish God's will. Jesus rightly prayed, "Thy kingdom come (Father) Thy will be done on earth." Mathew 6:10  The kingdom of God is already fully accomplished in heaven with all provision, blessings, joy, peace, harmony and love. The question is how do we transition it to earth?  How then does it reach earth? Through His children the manifest Sons of God who are living under His authority. Mary well said when the angel appeared unto her.."Be it unto me according to thy word."  She expressed true kingdom, therefore God allowed her to BIRTH the kingdom of God on earth by birthing the KING! God is calling kingdom businesses to do the same. But it takes Mary's simple faith and obedience. Little wonder she is called, "Blessed among women..."  Women birth.. kingdom businesses birth!  What does birthing take?

1. Seed of the man (In Mary's case the Holy Spirit).  Businesses... the seed of the word of the kingdom.  Listen to the kingdom principles in my beatitude videos.  

2. Natural birthing process of gestation.  9 months for the women.  God's timing for kingdom businesses.  Can be shorter or longer, but during this process it is God forming His kingdom in the womb of vision and imagination of faith based on the word. This is the hidden part of the kingdom that like the underground seed grows.. the "Farmer does not know how."

3. Pushing the canal of birth.  A time of declaration of territory as the vision is born in the natural world.  The result?  A business born of God, manifesting God's kingdom and taking territory.  Mary's King offended Herod.  Herod even threatened Mary and Joseph and tried to kill their son so God led them for a season to Egypt.  To take your kingdom business through this process it often takes aggressive warfare action of prayer and sacrifice.

4. Invading the darkness.  There is always reaction in the kingdom of darkness to God birthing His "Light".  This is kingdoms in conflict.  The very presence of your Kingdom Business will stir the demons in your business community. But in the end men will glorify your Father in heaven for the blessing of your business.  It will bring unity and healing to your city.  All of Samaria was filled with joy from Philips kingdom message. 

5. Establishing your kingdom business.  Jesus, the King, grew in stature and wisdom with God and with men. For 30 years Jesus lived and walked among men, yet knowing His time had not yet come.  During your establishment season of your kingdom business, you will learn the principles of maturity and growth in the Spirit.  This will be a season of blessing and growth and prosperity.  Where is God taking you?

6. His Eternal Kingdom to reign as a "KING AND PRIEST" unto your God. This earthly journey is all a part of eternal preparation.  Of positioning yourself to rule and reign with Christ in the Millennium and beyond.  God's not finished with you yet when you pass off this earth... it is only a beginning.  Every man will be judged according to his own works.  This is not works salvation, but walking in obedience and learning to follow the orders of the king....a key to eternal rule with Christ!

My next post will be the NATURAL blessings that come from walking in the kingdom of God on earth in your business.  You will be encouraged.  Jesus said, "All these things will be added unto you..."  What things?  This video will help you understand the power of the kingdom in your business

                               Birthing God's Kingdom through Kingdom Businesses

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Book of Revelation Now Live Online - On your Phone!

To those who receive my posts by subscription, please begin listening IMMEDIATELY  to a live teaching of the book of Revelation.. all 22 Chapters. Get my "App" at the apple store for your i-phone or play store for your android phone or tablet and download the app by searching for  "kbbnetwork".  Then just install the app.  The app will look like this:

After downloading the "Kbbnetwork" app, just click on your screen and you can begin listening to the entire book of Revelation on your phone or tablet anytime day or night.  The book of Revelation declares this.. "Blessed is the man who reads and hears the prophecy of this book." You will be blessed as this book prepares you to reign on earth now, and positions you to reign with Christ in the millennium and beyond.
The book of Revelation is going to be live on the air for the next week!  Following this week the entire N.T. can be heard every 4 days!  Remember the "entrance of the word brings light and life".  If you are on the internet with your computer, you can listen online through your automatic audio player.  Just go to our radio business builders network website at: KBBN network   The Business Builders Television network is also on this page.  Learn the tools of building a kingdom business, God's way.  Principles that work FOR you when you seek first the kingdom.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

God of Pleasure

Satan is a thief and a liar! He has stolen the "pleasure channel" of our brain and substituted it with deception and lies.  God is a God of pleasure.  In fact, God designed us for pleasure. The greatest pleasure man can experience on earth is the "pleasure of His (God's) presence." The word of God says, "In His presence is fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore."  Everything that we look for in drugs and illicit sex is just a substitute. Man desires to find fulfillment in pleasure, but fleshly pleasure never gives us enough.. we always keep coming back for more. To sustain the same level of fleshly pleasure we have to keep increasing the intensity of our stimulation, because fleshly pleasure is counterproductive. Pornography and illicit sex destroys our soul and drugs destroy our bodies.  Solomon a man of ancient wisdom wrote in the proverbs that he who goes after strange flesh "looses the path of life".  The woman at the well had already been through 5 men and was still thirsty.  Jesus said go tell your husband about this living water.  She answered I have no husband. Jesus said, you have answered right, "you have had five men the man you are with right now is not your husband."  If I can be so bold as to tell the raw side of this story, this woman had never really been satisfied by any man. Jesus then gave one of the boldest answers in the bible. He literally said, "I am the man you have been looking for. Today I will give you a drink and you will never thirst again."  In other words, only Jesus Christ can really fulfill the deep hunger and thirst we all have for inner satisfaction. Because our soul is only satisfied when our spirit is alive in Christ! That is the way God designed us! That is why pursuing intimacy with Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit is the only thing in this life that will fill your void.  How do we do that?

1. Abiding in Christ.  A purposeful constant mental acknowledgement of His presence.

2. Worshiping. Surrounding yourself with thanksgiving and sounds of heaven music.

3. Talking to others about the kingdom.  The two men's hearts were warmed (pleasured) on the road to Emmaeus as they talked with Jesus.

4. Bringing every thought into captivity to Christ.  Our minds are the grounds upon which fake pleasure resides.  We must tune our minds into our spirit, wherein dwells the Holy Spirit.  Remember, it is only our spirit that gets saved, our souls and bodies will always be of this world. Jesus said to Nicodemus,  "That which is born of the Spirit is Spirit, but that which is born of the flesh is flesh."  Our greatest hope is learning to "walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the lusts of the flesh".
5. Filling our minds with the word of God.  Right thinking produces right pleasure.  The entrance of the Word of God bring "light" and "life".  The Word of God is the only things that separates our soul and spirit.  "The word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, dividing asunder the soul and spirit...and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."

6. Fasting.  Purposeful removal of the earthly pleasure of food, can quicken our spirit and sensitize us to the voice of the Holy Spirit.  

The video below will help you understand how the body, soul and spirit operate. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top SEO by Combining Google Tools

I covered the four important google tools to start your basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in an earlier post.  Now I will show you how to combine these four tools to drive you to the top of google search.  These four tools work together for maximum effectiveness.  Remember google loves their own products so play on that!

1. Remember to open your gmail account... it will give you the google bar if you open your browser with Chrome.  Across the top of your page will be all the google tools. That gives you immediate access to google tools like Youtube, your blog, google+ and other items.

2. Second, go to your google blogspot blog and post your content.  Through the many templates you can set up a beautiful google blog for free and it will function like a website. The blog icon is on your drop down menu beside your picture with the 6 dots, and it will look like this.

3. After completing your post on your blog, make a short video on your cell phone or video camera and upload it to your Youtube channel.  You should have opened up your Youtube channel from my earlier post.  Now after uploading your video, go back to your post.  Hit the video icon at the top and it will give you the option to place your video on your blog post.  It will actually ask you for your Youtube videos.  Select the one associated with your post content and it will download and play live right on your post.

4. After your post is published on your blog, there will be many options to promote your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, and other sites.  Posting your blog on google+ is really important.  Just click on the google+ icon at the bottom of your post and it will bring up a separagte google+ entry.  It will attach your blog to your google+ entry.  This will likely be the google search item that comes up first, even above your youtube video. Make sure you post regularly as your readers will want more.  Make sure on your post you fill out the subscription option so people will automatically get your posts by request.  It takes time to build your audience, but you might be surprised, if your content is good, how many people will recommend your blog.   

5. Chrome, gmail and the google address automatically combines all the google tools for you each time you open up your browser with Chrome.  The rest will be easy and once you have set everything up, you can post daily or at least weekly.  It will well be worth your time. Then after a few days, began looking for yourself on google search.  You might be surprised.  To learn more about effectively communicating your message to the world go to kingdom Life University and WATV World Acion Radio and Television Network.  If you would like to check out my google blogspots for different topics and aspects of our ministry please go to these sites. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

How to Put your Church or Ministry on world Television

Most churches think to be on world-wide television and radio is impossible!  With the latest technologies and very inexpensive quality equipment, you can now have a full 4k (four times better the High Definition) three camera, video switcher for 4k, and a powerful computer and editing suite for less than $12,000. With these items alone, you can launch a top level production center and begin broadcasting your live streaming 24/7 television station on our network.  We here at Kingdom Life University provide you with the Radio and Television network to broadcast world-wide for only a few dollars a month.  Here is the equipment we recommend:

1. The New Powerful Sony AX100 4k camera.  Only $1,999.00 each
2. The beautiful Blackmagic video switcher for 4k  -   $1,800.00
3. The fast and powerful Asus computer .                   $   999.00   
4. Sony Vegas Pro linear video streaming software.  $   399.00     
    This baby screams with a fast video card and 16 gig ram, with a full 1 TB HDD memory.  


 These three items form the center of your video equipment needed to get started and produce very high level productions.  You will need camera tripods, cords, lighting and audio and other minor equipment.  Believe me, we can help you build your video department and place you on our world-wide Radio and Television network of great broadcasters. World-wide television and radio is now a reality for the price of your cell phone plan monthly.

Kingdom Life University and Action Evangelism believe in you and your message to the world.  If you are a businessman we have a full television studio at our campus available to record your videos for your products or services and place you on our KINGDOM BUSINESS BUILDERS RADIO NETWORK and open your own television channel on our network.  We will be training and helping equip churches and ministries with knowledge and equipment as needed.  With your own broadcaster page people will find you and connect with your vision

Top SEO through Google Tools

I have been teaching pastors groups and individuals how to rank high on google search engine.  Google search engine is the gold standard in my opinion.  Since Google owns Youtube, you can combine the strategies.  Youtube search engine is becoming a major force as well. What do I teach?  I begin helping ministries and churches and Christian businesses by suggesting 4 simple strategies:  You can check out my Youtube channel to see how it is done. We here are Kingdom Life University IT are committed to help you!

1. Open a gmail account under your church name or your individual name.

2. Once your gmail account is open, immediately activate your google+ account.
3. Open a google blog called "blogspot".  It can be found on your gmail bar under the 
drop down menu.  That is the 6 little dots in a square next you your picture.  Study that six dot drop down menu as they show you all the google tools you can use.
4. Open your own youtube channel.  Begin uploading videos..they don't have to be long and can simply be done with a smart phone or simple video camera.  Remember the better quality videos you produce and publish, the more listeners you will get.  

Remember in everything...CONTENT REIGNS.  Strategies without good content are short lived.  Give something of value in your google blogspot posts and your youtube videos. People will keep coming back for more.  We at Kingdom LIfe University are committed to get your message out to the world.  We will assist you and help you set up your google tools. Watch for workshops and pastors meetings where Dr. Brandt is speaking.  Come to those meetings.  The video below was taped at one of those meetings.  Then most of all... GET STARTED with the simple google tools.  I will explain in the next post, how to combine these 4 strategies together for maximum SEO.  SEO is Search Engine Optimization.